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March 11, 2005

Friday link roundup

The second course of Iron Blog is simmering, so here are some amuse bouches to keep you entertained until tonight's dinner is served:

Amanda says insightful things about girl groups.

Have you hear the one about the would-be-cop-killing militia-men who posthumously inducted an Irish policeman into their fake Indian tribe to facilitate the naming of a high school after him? Orcinus has the full story.

Riverbend nominates Ahmed Chalabi for the Nobel Peace Prize.

Doghouse Riley tears a strip off Amy Sullivan.

S.L. Zoll moistens her ankles in the depths of Peggy Noonan's soul.

Charles Todd on Bill O'Reilly on heteronormativity.

Dan writes about lock picking and links to cup cakes.


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Quadruple Oy with a light skim float please. To go. Thanks for the links.

. . . . what's so funny about Peace, Love and Undertanding? . .

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