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March 17, 2005

Iron Blog: Battle 'Objective Journalism'

The judges have spoken, and the cuisine of Iron Blogger Culture, Joel Caris reigns supreme:

Jay Dean scores it 17-12 for the Iron Blogger. Danielle Sylvie Taylor scores it 17-15 for the Iron Blogger. And Todd Pritsky scores it 17-14 for the Iron Blogger in a 3-Judge sweep. Congratulations to both participants for an excellent Battle, and congratulations to the Iron Blogger for taking the first victory in the new Iron Blog!


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You were robbed. You mopped the floor with him.

I have to agree with PZ here, I preferred your dishes over his. Joel wasn't bad but you were, in my opinion, much tastier.

Thanks, guys! Elayne will you be judging any upcoming Battles?

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