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March 30, 2005

LGM gets Instalaunched Atrios'd!

Lawyers Guns and Money got the link from Instapundit was one degree of separation from an Instalaunch.

We'll just say we knew them when. (They are very brave, even for well-armed lawyers.)

But better yet, they got Atrios'd.


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I was in error. Insty linked to Du Toit, Du Toit linked to us.

Still, we brushed greatness. . .

Congratulations regardless! Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going to the range. (This is going to be my new signoff from now on, especially if I intend to stay home and buy something pink online or blog about reproductive rights.)

Went and looked at the comments over there. I'm always mystified when people call academics "clueless" and say they would never make it in the "real world."

That doesn't fit with my experience trying to make a living in academia at all. If you're an average academic, half the people are smarter than you, and you're all competing for really limited resources. So you have to work really hard all the time and get very little in return.

On the other hand, when you leave academia for the "real world," it's not nearly as competitive, people don't work nearly as hard, and you're smarter than a lot more than just half the people.

Easy money. Jesus Christ, the "real world" is a piece of cake.

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