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April 18, 2005

APA director Michael Kelly resigns

The Chronicle of Higher Education reports that Michael Kelly has resigned the executive directorship of the American Philosophical Association.

In a letter to the membership, Mr. Kelly, who declined to comment further, said that he would later explain his reasons for quitting. "They overlap with the reasons given by my predecessor, who also resigned, as well as those which led to the resignation of the APA finance office last August."

He said that he had hoped to "put an end to the perverse comings and goings of the APA executive directors," but that "the problems facing the APA and the obstacles facing any executive director in particular are, in my opinion, too formidable at this time."


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Wow. You know, I got one of their grants a few years ago, and really, really liked them --- which is saying a lot, given I generally disdain and despise academia and all its trappings. :=D They seemed such a wonderfully sturdy, yet esoteric little institution.

Bet they have money problems!

I met Dr. Kelly once at a summer workshop for minority students in philosophy at Rutgers in the summer of 2003. He was very nice, and very helpful both during the workshop and after.

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