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April 12, 2005

In re: DHo

Dennis Perrin of Red State Son is absolutely right about David Horowitz:

Michael Berube, liberal Penn State prof, complains at his blog about being punk'd by David Horowitz, political panhandler and proprietor of FrontPage, the rightwing comedy site. Berube participated in one of FP's "debates," where lefties have to deny taking glee in beheadings and mass graves before they can make their first point (which is usually countered with, "So, you say you're against beheadings and mass graves, yet your response suggests. . ."). Seems that, either intentionally or through some kind of computer glitch, Horowitz and his minions chopped out a substantial portion of Berube's argument, making it seem like he was ducking questions or simply unable to withstand the Moral Force of Horowitz's Correct Vision. In any event, Berube bitched about it, called Horowitz a fraud, said he'd never darken FP's url again, and that was that.

So is Berube:

OK, so FrontPage says they made an honest mistake with my reply to David Horowitz.  And you know what? Dennis Perrin is surely right when he says that I am (and I quote) “much too fucking generous to Horowitz,” but I’m going to take this one at face value (you all can determine that actual face value for yourselves) and get right on back to the rest of my life.

The Principle of Charity has an implicit but little known protoplasm rider.


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This post looked lonely without a comment. So I emphatically agree, even though I don't understand the protoplasm rider much less charity.

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