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April 01, 2005

Pope pool

Cardinal Dionigi Tettamanzi is the current favorite at <2.88:1. (As of 3:51 pm, EST, April 2. Odds shortening!)

Check out the field of 134 voting Cardinals. [Catholic]

Take an in-depth look at the major players. [Slate]

Get your papal bet slip.


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3.17:1 odds do not make the Cardinal an odds on favorite; were that the case, the odds would be represented as 1:3.17; stated differently, if you bet on the Cardinal with odds of 3.17:1 you win $3.17 on a $1 bet.

I was kind of hoping it would be Antonin Scalia, but I figure that, somehow, some way, in some fashion I can barely imagine, Scalia's replacement would be worse.

Thanks, Mike. I'll fix the post. Is it correct to say simply that Tettamanzi is the favorite?

I think a more interesting wager would be which country/continent the next pope comes from and the over/under on his age.

Wow... It amazes me the things people will bet on. Honestly, that seems to be an incredible contradiction, betting on the next pope... But maybe that's just in my own crazy, zany head.

Funniest post of the day. Who said irony was dead?

Hey, how come there are no odds for "Field"???

I'll take either Delay or Santorum at 7-1.

Evil and unworthy thought for the day:

Think the Schindlers are pissed that the Pope is taking attention away from their public argument over Terri's funeral?

Who wants to start up a pool for the next Pope's name?

I'd like to see another Pope Innocent. I'll give 1000:1 for Pope Michael I or Gregory XIV (both are claimed by schizmatics), and 1000000:1 for Pope Joan.

Pope Joan Chittister will be worth a googol to one.

My pope's name?

"John Paul George Ringo I"


Way, way, way down on the list is this name:
Godfried Daneels (Belgium)

As a big, big, big W.C. Fields fan, I'm going to have to put my money on him. How glorious would it be to be able to wiggle your fingers and mutter nasally every time you see the new Pope, "Godfried Daneels"?

I'd also be curious to know what the odds are on for Father Guido Sarducci? Sure, he's not a Cardinal, but the name recognition alone...

This would be a lot more fun if there were brackets.

My boyfriend just proposed that they do a special "Survivor: Vatican" to choose the next Pope.

Via Kos, I got my wish for brackets.

Swopa, what a beautiful thing!

I think the nxt pope is going to be replased before i die. I'm 16 now. that's three popes. and some people see only one. Kardinal Bozanic from Croatia is going to be the next pope! And i don't care, because i believe in God, but not in the church. I don't trust the church. There are some good people that are a part of the church, but not enough. A Few Good Men. TM

How about pourri for a name?

Sounds better when you say it aloud.

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