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April 27, 2005


Open source Pope.

Norwegianity saw him first.


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I thought I put this in the comments instead of emailing you.

Gospel Sports Wear

Welcome to Gospel Sports Wear where wearing the Word allows you to Spread the Word!

We are dedicated to spreading the good news of Jesus Christ by providing high quality athletic apparel that display and create dialogue about the Word of God. We specialize in baseball, football and basketball jerseys.

Wherever you find yourself, at home, work, church, or school, when you wear Gospel Sports Wear apparel you're helping to Spread the Word. Jesus Loves You!

Unsurprisingly, they don't have a line of thongs.

Jesus loves everyone, except the new pope. Jesus is very mad at the new pope for presuming to speak for god when the new pope obviously has a blackened third eye chakra from following dogma and has absolutely no connection to the cosmic consciousness which underlies all genuine religious experience and also underlies the message of brotherly love and peace on earth.

He has slightly less love for those who peddle merch with propoganda on it.

I should know, I am Jesus. Psilocybin mushrooms told me that.

You guys are Bigots.
Demeaning bigots.

I'm so confused. I need another Xanax.

Methinks that Ratz is already working on his Great Work's final chapter (as he borrows pages from Ron Reagan and Pope JP II), ie Funeral arrangements!
Here is something that could combine the Nuclear Option with Atoms for Peace. If he can arrange to have his remains immolated in a nuclear explosion and his 'cloud' is distributed worldwide, it would be a sort of "universal holy communion", as his molecules are absorbed into the living tissues of the planet. Probably a ceremony atop Mt. Kilimanjaro would be most geographically appropriate- but Mt. Vesuvius might be OK, in a pinch... ashes, ashes, they all fall down... ^..^

Thanks for the link. Despite having been raised anti-Catholic (that darn Republican upbringing of mine), I somehow made it through over 25 years of Pope John Paul II without feeling the need to mock him.

I dunno, there's just something hard to ignore about Natzinger having been in the Hitler Youth Corps...

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