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April 10, 2005

Spammer gets 9 years

Man gets nine years for spamming
A man has been sentenced to nine years in jail by a Virginia judge for sending millions of junk emails, or "spamming".

Jeremy Jaynes, 30, is the first person in the US to get a prison term under a spam law. He is said to have been the world's eighth most prolific spammer.

By selling sham products and services advertised in his messages, he earned up to $750,000 (£398,000) per month.

Jaynes has appealed, and the court has put off the start of his prison term because the new law raises questions.

Under Virginia law, sending bulk email using fake addresses is a crime.

"It was not just sending bulk emails, he was falsifying the routing information, disguising the origin," said prosecutor Lisa Hicks Thomas.

"The end user couldn't say: don't send this to me," she added.

Ms Thomas said she was pleased with the ruling and hoped it would be upheld.

Jaynes was operating though an America Online (AOL) server in Loudoun County, where the world's largest Internet services provider is based, and is believed to have sent some 10 million unwanted emails a day. [BBC]


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This is a dark day for America. Who will now fill my e-mail on a daily basis with offers of porn, penis enlargement, Russian brides, ways for me to make money at home, and of course the latest developments of that bank account in Nigeria??????

Timothy, I think you'll find that your inbox will not go lacking.

Thank goodness we put that guy away. I am thrilled to have my taxes allocated to his imprisonment and I don't at all see a problem that his sentences exceeds that of many violent perpetrators.

DOn't get me wrong - I do not condone his actions. I am simply tired of hearing about truly dangerous criminals NOT being put away.

His damage to society is greater than most violent offenders. It is because of white collar criminals that anyone who trusts anyone is a fool. I'd rather take a shot to the jaw once in a while than live in a world where I assume that everyone with whom I do business will try to rob me if they get the chance. But we do not live in that world. White collar crime is, on the whole, a smart thing to do, provided you are amoral and want money. Violent crime, on the other hand, is not generally profitable.

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