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May 13, 2005

If Irony Weren't Already Dead, This Would Have Killed It

Guest post: hilzoy

From USA Today:

"Rep. Tom DeLay fired back at Democrats raising ethics questions about him, telling a crowd of conservative activists that the GOP's opponents have no ideas and "no class." "

Praise from the master is praise indeed.

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I think they cut that quote off early. What he actually said was, "no class...action lawsuit against me! Tort reform, bitches!"

I guess that means we can't be accused of class warfare anymore.

Jeebus Frist!

Is there any waking moment of the day where Tom Delay is not crapping in his hands and throwing it at people like some criminally insane howler monkey?

For real... with guys like this, I think the immortal words of Dennis Miller (back before he was the right's paid comedy bitch) might be coming true -- "...and eventually the king will be the guy who just doesn't shit himself."

mojo sends

I guess if you don't belong to his class of choice, you don't exist.

Does this come as a surprise to anyone?

And if you don't exist, it doesn't matter.

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