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May 09, 2005

O'Reilly on the First Lady

Guest: cntodd

Apparently Bill O’Reilly is a bit ticked off that some Americans found First Lady Laura’s comedy routine to be a bit inappropriate. Indeed, on his Factor show tonight he called such people “extremists” and part of the “Kool-Aid left”.

In response to some comments Bill said the following:

Jim, who lives in Delaware writes, "Laura Bush's speech disparaging her husband before the international community demands an apology to God."

Wow. With all due respect, Jim, don't you think God has better things to do than critique a few harmless jokes? Perhaps the deity is offended by the word "Chippendales", but I kind of doubt it.

Ellie from Ohio picks up the theme. "I no longer think of Laura as a lady of good faith and taste. No Christian woman could compromise her values that way."

It's just amazing. What this brouhaha proves once again is that extremism is irrational, but plenty of people are caught up in the trap. All Laura Bush did was provide a few laughs in a gentle, well-meaning way. And the ideologues go nuts.

Maybe O'Reilly should listen to his own words of advice for once.

Of course, I didn’t find Laura’s comments offensive, but I don’t think someone who did makes them an extremist. My little old conservative grandmother who has been in church every week of her life would probably have been offended if she knew Laura was making horse masturbation jokes. That doesn’t make her an extremist.

What pisses me off is that O’Reilly, who is normally the anti-smut and pro-family champion, had a cow last summer when Whoopi Goldberg made some sexual jokes about the President’s last name. Indeed, in an interview with Ben Affleck shortly after the event, O’Reilly asked,

Now what do you think when Whoopi Goldberg gets out there and denigrates the office of the presidency?

So if those who get upset by First Lady Laura’s jokes about sexual tension and horse cock are “extremists,” then what does that make Bill O’Reilly for griping about Whoopi?

By the way, he ended the segment wondering just how many extremists are out there. To find out, he is taking a poll over at his main website, that asks readers whether or not they approve of First Lady Laura’s comedy routine. Why not help poor Bill out by heading over and voting no! He promises to air the results on his show.

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You're surprised that O'Reilly is a hypocrite? It just in the conservative nature, maybe a genetic problem.

The President says its only fair that his judicial nominees get an up and down vote, even though the Repubs did a "pocket veto" on 62 Clinton nominees and denied them an up and down vote.

Senator Hatch comes out and says that the GOP never used the filibuster on a judicial nominee and tries to sweep the Fortas filibuster under the rug. Meanwhile John Dean comes out and calls him a liar because he was there:

Senator Mitchell stares straight in to the camera and echoes Hatch, Senator Allen meanwhile denies Tim Russerts figures from the office of Congressional Research.

So either its a gentetic aberation, or they are all drinking Kool-aid from the same barrel, or they are just a bunch of sack of shit liars and opportunists... take your pick.

It's amazing how many times we've seen the death of irony in recent months (starting, I think, with Bush's statement that the Ukrainian government should allow new elections). It's starting to be like Kenny on South Park.

The think that offends me most about the Laura Bush joke thing:

What kind of ... poltroon puts his wife in the position where she has to tell scripted horse cock jokes? And what kind of woman accepts this?

If I told my wife, "Honey, it would really be good, really salvage my career, if you could tell this dirty joke in front of a bunch of strangers," my wife would say, "sounds like your career is in real trouble and is going to stay that way."

Seriously, I have much less respect for Laura Bush after this stunt. I don't think less of George though, cause it can't get any worse.

Bill probably thinks it would have been funnier if Laura had said Bush jerked a horse off with a falafel.

What if it turns on that most of the people taking Bill O.'s little poll end up saying they disapprove of Laura's horsing around? (sorry.)

I mean, can a majority of people be 'extremists'? Is that even conceptually possible?

The Neocons have their memory hole about their reactions to Whoopi

Does O'Reilly really think that someone from the "Kool-Aid left" would be demanding apologies to God?

Damn those leftists and their fun spoiling godfearing ways! Those damn idealogues!

dadahead -

that was my thought. if we all voted "no" then it would probably make O'reilly look a bit more foolish.

I can't look at him long enough to go to the site and vote. I just know his face will be there, and I can't take it. Sorry. He has splotches on his face, you know.

The point is that Oh Really took complaints about the first lady from obvious xian rightwingers, and said they were complaints from the left!

The other point is that, once again, he'll get away with it.

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