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May 14, 2005

Philosophical Self-Consciousness

Guest: cntodd

So I took this quiz which I have seen around - most recently at Lawyers, Guns, and Money. Here are my results.

Cultural Creative















What is Your World View? created with

The quiz asks you a series of questions regarding your attitudes towards science, religion, and culture.

To be honest, I do not know what a "Cultural Creative" is. To be honest, I think the quiz was a bit bunk because it assumes that religious conviction is somehow opposed to modernity. Don't get me wrong, I am not religious at all, but at the same time I don't think relgious belief is completely irratioanl or opposed to "modernity" - whatever that is.

And another odd thing - it seemed to group any positive answer to a question about religion into the "fundamentalism" category - so they are clearly not using the term as it is commonly used.

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These quizzes are just an excuse to expose you to advertising. Why are you taking them so seriously?

I don't, but they can be fun discussion starters.

Taking these polls/quizzes and posting results are old school. Please join me in ignoring any post (after this one) that discusses these quizzes as if they mean anything. Yawn.

How can you be confused about modernity? (it's a rhetorical punching bag, right?) Or is this some reflection on your scarily high postmodern/existentialist scores?

This is actually probably the worst of their quizzes that I have ever taken. I am not religious at all, and yet I scored 38% Fundamentalist. I don't consider myself to be "Post-Modern" in any sense that the term could be interpreted. And I certainly don't take myself to be an existentialist. In short - who cares?

Well, since I am a philosophy grad student, this kind of quiz does interest me, because it is always humurous when non-philosophers misuse words that have a technical sense. And most of these are not just the province of philosophy, but literature and various "Theory" domains as well.

I tried answer the questions given my own philosophical stances, but alas, that resulted in a rather odd conclusion in the quiz score.

One of my colleagues once said that I was a fox, the reference of course being to Isaiah Berlin's fox who "sees many little things" as opposed to the hedgehog who "sees one big thing".
My quiz results tend to bear that out: 69% materialist! Whee! Only 13% Fundie, thanks be to Hermes.
Actually what I really am is 98% chimp, a characteristic I share with everyone else...

I have only taken one of those quizzes that wasn't pretty much crap. (On American dialects). And even that one only was good at distinguishing Americans; Brits who took it got ridiculous results.

Really, counting the flowers on the wallpaper is an equally productive activity.

100% for materialist (88% modernist). Give me naturalism (and reductionism) or give me death!!!

Frankly, I think the test nailed me (at least the way I see myself.)

I think the "cultural creative" means someone who navigates between idealism and disillusion with the intent of producing something of value to others in addition to oneself. Neither selfish nor selfless. I placed an even 50/50 on that scale.

"Cultural creative" means hippie.

I was unsurprised to find that I came out as a materialist (75%), with fundamentalist at the bottom.

But god, what a dumb test! I usually enjoy taking tests like this, even though they're obviously complete bull, but this one is worse than most. I hate it when the question itself makes no sense to me, which was true of about half of these. "Evolution is true, and is bringing us closer to the spiritual"? What the hell does that mean????

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