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May 26, 2005

Secret Society: This Sunday at CBGB

You know him as Thad, mild mannered Majikthise commenter and consort. But this Sunday at 9 o'clock you can learn his true identity...

That's when Darcy James Argue and his Secret Society will play CBGB's.

This show is a rare opportunity to see leading jazz talents live in a large orchestra--it's also one of your ever-diminishing opportunities to go to CBGB.

Darcy and his Secret Society will change the way you think about big bands. It's not about Glen Miller or swing dancing, it's about the big, loud, intricately layered sound that you can only get from a big band.

It's going to be a great show.

Click here to read the full press release (.pdf).


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Reaction 1: I enjoy the sound files. Fun stuff.

Reaction 2: Dude if it's not about swing dancing what excuse will people have to wear their awesome retro hats!!!!!

Reaction 3: The third to last sentence appears to contains a tautology. "Tautology," if not yet the name of an "avant-jazz" track, desperately needs to be.

"Tautology," if not yet the name of an "avant-jazz" track, desperately needs to be.

Dude, I'm totally stealing that.

Dave Rezek is a cousin of one of my old college roommates. I may just happen to be in NYC this weekend, too...

Wow, playing at CBGB's. That is a fucking dream.

Hooray! I knew that I, like the electric harp, would find my way to make a contribution to jazz history eventually.

Hey Kriston,

Don't tell anyone but it's actually in the CB's Lounge, which is downstairs from the CB's Gallery, which is next door to the famous main space everyone thinks of when you say "CBGB's." The Lounge is kind of like the main space's unpopular third cousin, with chalky skin and a Sun Ra obsession.

I keed, I keed -- Dee Pop has been running a fantastic "freestyle jazz" series in the space every Sunday night for several years now, and I'm very, very happy to be invited to be a part of that.

And yeah, I'm also pretty stoked that no matter what happens to the club and what else happens in my life, I can say "I played a gig at CB's" and be technically not lying.

Ah, my old stomping grounds...

"Tautology" is the name of a fifty-year-old track by saxophonist Lee Konitz. So, not exactly avant-garde, but okay. Doesn't mean you can't steal it.

Have fun at the show!

"Tautology" is the name of a fifty-year-old track by saxophonist Lee Konitz.

Damn you Lee Konitz!

Actually, the reason why the name was appealing was that it sounds exactly like the sort of title a Tristano school guy (or, say, Ornette) would have used back in the fifties -- a nice little anachronism. I didn't think anyone had gotten around to using "Tautology" but clearly I was wrong.

What record is it on?

It's the opening track on "Subconscious-Lee" (1949), and various compilations thereafter. Not that I am any guru here; it sounded vaguely familiar, and I turned to the magic of, where you can find every song ever.

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