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May 19, 2005

Shoddy monkey discovery coverage

The good news: a new species of monkey is now known to science.

The bad news: Reuters is falsely reporting that "The highland mangabey is <b>the first new species of monkey identified in 20 years</b> and conservationists immediately said the find showed how important it was to preserve African forests." 

In fact, scientists identified the Arunachal macaque for the first time in December 2004, and not one but two new species of titi monkey were identified in 2002.


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Other articles state that the magabey is the first to be found in Africa for 20 years, which would be correct; a press release from the Wildlife Conservation Society stating such can be found here. [Read More]


And now the offended monkeys will riot, crapping in their hands and randomly throwing at passersby?

Is Reuters going to be held responsible for the carnage of a monkey riot?

mojo sends

OT: did you get my reply?

Times article currently states that it is the first new primate species found in Africa in 20 years. Tha Arunachal macaque was found in India. Titi monkeys are New World.

Amazing that there might be shoddy editing at Reuters!

A monkey makes *anything* funny...

Love your category title, btw. Mustn't forget the prosimians!

Looks like "Africa" might have been lost in editing a photo caption, or at least that's how the error was transmitted back to the Times, which is now helping to propagate it with its latest version. Captions are only a knotch more reliable than headlines, and I wouldn't be surprised if the same darned copy editors were to blame.

Did anyone see the "related" Onion story this week? Were they lucky, or did someone hear abou tthis?

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