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May 14, 2005

Smarter than you?

Guest post by Revere

Blog carnivals are difficult because you have to find some of your own posts good enough to submit. But here's an easy one, the "Smarter than I" carnival, being hosted on Monday by Coturnix. Most all of us read a lot of great stuff we think others should see. Share it. Help build some community. And do a good turn (or a co-turn) by alerting others to "great stuff". Here's the idea and the way to submit:

Go around your favourite blogs, pick your favourite posts, and send the links to me [Coturnix] by Monday, May 16th at 9am EST. Put "Smarter Than I" in the title of your e-mail. Let me know why you think that particular blogger is smarter than you, and in particular why is the chosen post such a great example of the blogger's brilliance.

You can send your entries either to smarterthani AT hotmail DOT com or directly to me at Coturnix1 AT aol DOT com.


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