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May 17, 2005

Thank you, guest bloggers!

A huge thank you to Hilzoy, Revere, Charles, and Enkidu! They did a fanatastic job and I'm so proud to have had them all on board.

I'm finally back in New York, having been sidetracked for 24 hours due to a passport SNAFU. And now, back to your regularly scheduled programming...


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So I guess this means you haven't put onto the no-fly list yet...

No offense to Charles, Hilzoy, Revere, or Enkidu, but when you were away I didn't like this blog as much as I do when it's you who posts. You have a specific style of posting and a specific range of interests, which have lured all of your regular readers. When you were away, the blog's focus suddenly changed and became a standard American liberal blog of which there are thousands.

If you're away again for a long time and can't post, then if you must you should get just one guest blogger, or at most two who have very similar styles. That way Majikthise will continue to be Majikthise rather than Kos Clone #3159.

I would like to echo Lindsay's thanks. While I'm glad she's back, everybody did a good job about providing interesting content. Thanks, y'all.

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