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May 13, 2005

Zoo Tragedy Continues

Guest: cntodd

Those of us here in Chicago were startled to hear of the death of three rare monkeys housed in an exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo. Four langur monkeys were moved into a new exhibit within the primate house a couple of weeks ago . The first langur died this past Tuesday, the second early on Wednesday, and the third late yesterday.

What makes these deaths so startling is that the Zoo already lost three elephants in less than 6 months with the first elephant dieing in October.

Animal rights activists called for an investigation into inappropriate Zoo conduct after the second elephant died in January. The Zoo’s third and final elephant, Wankie, died just two weeks ago.

The Zoo’s president, Kevin Bell, offered his resignation yesterday with the news of the third langur death, although the Zoo board refused to accept it.

See my previous post "A Zoo Tragedy" for more on the elephant story.

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