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June 25, 2005

Art Deco sculpture fanfic

In honor of Gonzalez' decision to unshroud the Spirit of Justice, I bring you what may be Western Literature's only piece of Carl Paul Jennewein-inspired erotic fanfic:

The Attorney General stood petrified as he watched Minnie Lou fondle her shiny aluminum breasts. Her nipples began to engorge as her fingers danced over them, making a crackling sound like a soda can being crushed. Suddenly there was another metallic groaning behind him, and he wheeled around to face the Majesty of Law. The statue's normally dour expression began to form a smile, and there was a prominent bulge forming under his loincloth.

"You still think Reno did this?" asked a reporter from the New York Times as the statue's loincloth parted to reveal a large aluminum erection. "Looks more like Bob Dole's work." [Anais Ninja, Law and Justice]

I'm sure we're asking the same question: Where do web-published writers of erotic political Deco fanfic fall in the Geek Hierarchy?


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Excuse me while I go take a cold shower.

She is hot.

Dude! That's Gonzales! Hasn't Estrada been tossed on the ash-heap of history or something? Or am I thinking of Erik?

D'oh! Quality control has been very poor around here lately. Unfortunately, I have no excuse.

Does this mean they will waste the $8,000.00 drapes?

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