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June 30, 2005


Damned zombie contractors:

The lawsuits, the most recent of which was filed June 17, allege that a contractor for Stanley Medical Research Institute obtained brains from cadavers in that state without receiving full consent from family members. [...]
Lorraine Gagnon, with husband Frank, said she consented to allowing small parts of her son's brain to be donated but not the whole organ. [WaPo]

Granted, we've all been there. You say to yourself: "Just a one-by-two-inch slice...," and the next thing you know, you've eaten the whole thing.


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It has been a while since I've had a good gyrus sandwich.

I used to be the brain delivery guy. Call me Igor. I delivered over 200 brains to the archive of an Alzheimer's research program.

All I remember of interest is that the idea that aluminum pans have something to do with Alzheimer's has been definitively disproven.

"allowing small parts of her son's brain to be donated but not the whole organ."

Talk about splitting hairs. Or at least what's just under them.

I wonder if the mix up had anything to do with the weird artifact of brain pluralization in the English language, "He's got no brains.", "His brains were splattered all over the floor.", and so on. Maybe she thought if they just took one brain he'd have plenty left.

I used to deliver brains too.And they helped much for the experiments for Alzheimer's prevention.

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