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June 26, 2005

Flying snakes

Flying snakes are a small group of species of tree snakes that live in South and Southeast Asia. At rest they appear unremarkable, but on the move they're able to take to the air by jumping from the tree, flattening the entire body, and gliding or parachuting to the ground or another tree. This site is dedicated to documenting the science of these unique animals.

Video footage! They're no pterodactyls, but these little guys sure try hard.


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Via Majikthise, some Flying Snake Video Clips. Flying in the same sense that some squirrels, do, that is. The Paradise tree snake will leap from a height, flatten its body and curve into an "S" to present a stable, flat... [Read More]


Lindsay, are u single?

Speaking of flying snakes!

I hope I speak for everyone when I say: SO F**KING COOL!!!

Now if they can just get a better handle on that landing thing....

Where do they get such wonderful toys? What an intelligent design!

^^ That's too clever, you're one of them!

Flying snakes... that's just great, thanks a lot. You can just rock me to sleep now!

Those things are just wrong, wrong wrong!

mojo sends

Looks more like "escape parachute" snakes than flying snakes, but still very cool. In highschool, my brother had a pet flying gecko. They do a similar trick, with big folds of skin between their legs, a flat, paddle like tail, and the usual broad, webbed gecko feet. The thing was an amazing escape artist, and could pretty much fit through any crack wide enough to squeeze its bulging eyeballs through. We had a large, maybe 30'X40' tree-filled entryway in the house with a 20 foot plus glass ceiling and a small forest of fifteen foot tall ficus trees, so it would always head for that room once out of its terrarium. It could coast from one end of the room to the other, slap itself flat on a wall or ceiling, and scurry away, making it nearly impossible to catch. It also made weird croaking cries in the night. It gave my mom fits, but I thought it was cool.

Holy Quetzlcoatl, Batman! That is just the coolest thing ever!

Now I want one.

yea i have one a golden tree not easy to get and mine dosent bite me anymore i love her she is so cool

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