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June 25, 2005

Network news


Hearty congratulations to Michael Berube who now has his own page in David Horowitz' Network.

Exciting news! Last night I had the pleasure of meeting Prof. Berube. He's very charming and funny and looks great in purple--but little did I know that I was grooving to electrified bouzouki with countercultural royalty. Bravo!

Elayne Riggs has HOT Berube pics! (and some nice shots of the rest of us at Julia's kickass BBQ+Greek Fest Road Trip).


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Would it be wrong to admit publicly that I have a huge crush on Berube?

I like Berube, but he needs to ditch the shades.

Now wait? Are you saying he's working for Horowitz?


Berube is an enemy of the people, he has been tried in abstentia and must pay for his crimes.

At least that's what the Radical Sell-Out David Whore-O-witz has to say.

That is some quality graphic work...

Berube should be proud of that. After actually reading what the Front Pagers think of him, it sounds to me like he's one hell of a great professor who really understands the subjects he's teaching and actually brings something worth discussing to the table.

So, is Horowitz a lunatic, or is he the only one who really sees what's going on? At Discover the Network, I found the dark truth about Arizona State University.

You see, they're connected to the Ford Foundation, which is linked to the Earth Action Network, which has ties to Noam Chomsky, who consorts with R.E.M., who are connected to none other than Fidel Castro!!!

Did any of you see "A Beautiful Mind?"

i love some of horowitz's examples of berube's extremism:

When one of Professor Berube's conservative students, inspired by a book Berube had assigned for his undergraduate honors seminar, made a comment critical of black separatism, particularly its insistence on formulations like "African-American," Professor Berube proved decidedly unsympathetic: "I wondered just how many of my conservative white students, if given the chance, would prefer to be black at Penn State, black in the United States."

so all that happened was:

(1) one student was critical of black separatism, and
(2) berube did not agree with the student

how exactly does that show berube is anti-american? horowitz is a nut

Horowitz just thinks everone should think the same thoughts he things. Whether you call that communism or conservatism is just a matter of marketing for him.

Thinks... dammit.

Would it be wrong to admit publicly that I have a huge crush on Berube?

Get in line, sister.

I'm jealous as hell. When do I get to be part of the network? Is it that a passed out Panda banner doesn't really strike fear into the hearts of liberal-haters everywhere? Maybe if we replaced it with one that had fangs and blood dripping from its mouth.

Did he show you his scar?

Did I show them my scar? Oh, please. Does the Pope wear a dress?

Thanks, Lindsay -- it was a real pleasure to meet you and Darcy. And thanks also for posting all those hot pics from Elayne's site! Those should dampen these, ahem, "huge crushes" in a hurry.

And yes, Amanda, for the record: if you want your own page on the Network, a fanged, bloodthirsty panda would help. Just think Monty Python and the Holy Grail: "that's no ordinary panda! that's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered Ailuropoda you ever set eyes on!" Truth is, David's a sucker for a fearsome logo.

Why do I think that page was written by a kid who got a C in one of Prof. Berube's classes.

Ya know, oddly, Mr. Horowitz doesn't seem to be overly disturbed by the brand of black separatism that Senators Lott and Helms support.

Just saying.

I was a little worried about the whole appendix scar displaying, because (as Patrick pointed out) that sort of thing tends to lead to land wars in Asia, but I'm hoping we've dodged a bullet.

Lindsay, I'm hoping you two can come back some time when I'm not recovering from a production crisis, but (as you know) that's kinda hard to schedule...

If David's a sucker for a fearsome logo, then I suppose it was your South Park character that did him in. Impish brats, as we all know, are the scariest things in creation.

Those should dampen these, ahem, "huge crushes" in a hurry.

I looked at the pictures, hoping they would work as Michael suggested, but now I just have a crush on eRobin too.

OK, Monty Python and Bouzouki's have been mentioned in this thread, and no one has asked if this get together took place in a cheese shop, possibly the finest in the district.

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