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June 06, 2005

The nubs of the issue

Echidne points to an article in the Ottawa Citizen: Nipple-negating technology declares war on female breasts.

When I read the headline, I was afraid I was about to hear about a plastic surgery trend. Thankfully, the nipple negation is digital.

Enough about female nipples. This is a question I've been meaning to put to the collective hivemind for some time.

I'm a big fan of Chappelle's Show. In season 2, there are a couple of shots of men stimulating their own nipples as a form of public sexual display. For example, in the everything looks better in slow motion sketch, the slo-mo reveals Dave rubbing his nipple as part of his "sexy laundry" sequence.

As I recall, the Chappelle nipple play shows up in parodies of hip hop videos. I'm not familiar with that genre. I have no idea whether this is a running gag unique to Chappelle, or whether hip hop videos actually show men carressing their own nipples, or what.

I wish Paul Mooney was still doing "Ask a Black Dude" because I really want to know: "Do het black men have fewer hangups about playing with their own nipples than their white counterparts? Or is that just wishful thinking?"


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I'll never forget riding the Millenium rollercoaster at Cedar Point a couple of years ago and then checking out the pictures at the end of the ride. One picture showed a clever pair of punky looking guys, one lifting his shirt with an ecstatic look on his face while the other tweaked his nipple. Laughed my ass off.

Male nipples seem to be a lot like female G spots evolutionarily speaking. Both seem to be a sort of spandrel or accident of evolution, which is just an unavoidable consequence of needing a piece of anatomy in the other sex and needing to produce both sexes from a single body plan.

I'm not much into nipple plays. I prefer nipple operas and ballets.

I have a problem with overly sensitive nipples. It started when I let a woman play with them. I wish I never let her do that. Now I have overly sensitive and enlarged nipples. This has led to social ostracization, poor work performance, and sex addiction. Guys out there: if anybody touches your nipples tell them to get the hell away from you and never talk to that person again. It is really hell to go through life like this. Thanks for the topic.

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