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June 22, 2005

The sanctity of marriage


Michael Schiavo angered his late wife's family Monday by not notifying them about the burial beforehand and by inscribing on her bronze grave marker the words "I kept my promise." Schiavo, who said he promised his wife he would not keep her alive artificially, also listed Feb. 25, 1990, as the date his wife "Departed this Earth." [WaPo]
Violate it and rue the day, moral busybodies.



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I find it kind of moving that he listed the 1990 date instead of 2005.

Good for him. But you can depend on the "defenders of decency and the sanctity of marriage!" to do something because in their evil selfish little minds tells them that he doesn't "deserve" to be left alone. He's crossed them and he'll be made an example of---look how they are pushing that weak opportunist Jeb to persecute the man still.

After all of the bullshit charges that her family made and are still making to this day... I wouldn't have ever notified them.

He was slandered sixteen ways from Sunday, had death threats made on him, not to mention the whole court ordeal... @#$%@# 'em.

If nothing else, this proves that NOTHING he could do would ever make the Schindlers happy. He buried her in Florida, just like they wanted, and all they can do is complain that he did it privately (without the media circus they bring with them) and that they don't like the headstone.

Markers not tombstones.

Who would ever think an energetic but conscientious piece of work like her would want to be in the state which they kept her?

They are unhappy about the service because they could not make a circus out of it? Let me guess they guaranteed a camera crew exlcusive rights.

We'll see how it goes from here, personally I hope Mike sues the hell out of several media sources. Use the restitutions to cover expense of service for others who lost loved ones at the facility during that time and help them gain closure.

After taking enough to meet his security needs,give some of the other to a fund for stem cell research (as it is likely his job security or need to relocate will be necessary from this).

It would be Terri's way of winning, if somehow the pain she went through helped others facing similar situations find victory over what occurs.

Also it would exemplify the deserved fate of media scions.

This whole situation has given me an enormous amount of admiration for Michael Schiavo. The years of emotional upheaval, the vilification from the "moral busibodies", etc., to honor his marital vows when he could have just walked away shows an amount of love that is inspirational. Whatever the righties are talking about when they speak of "family values" pales in comparison in my book.

I actually posted anout this Tuesday morning. The fact is, the Schindler's and thier supporters have consistently gone out of their way to antagonize and threaten Schiavo (and his family), especially during the last few years of this battle and they continue to vilify him with unsubstantiated accusations. To make matters worse, one of the pundits (probably Tucker Carlson) made mention last night that Schiavo went out of his way to be mean-spririted and inter Terri in Florida when her family asked she be buried near Philly; in truth, the Schindler's complained about the original plan to inter Terri in Philly and requested she be buried in their adopted state of Florida, which is what Michael Schiavo eventually did. In the marker, Schiavo was consistent with his stated belief that for all intents and purposes, Terri ceased to exist when she fell into the PSV her body was finally allowed to rest in March.

Just how long do you think it will take before the marker is defaced?

It seems a little bit of a slap at the Schindlers, but I can't blame him. I was close to someone whose mother was in a coma for four years before passing, though, and they always referred to her death as the day she slipped into the coma, not actually when they pulled the plug. It's probably more common than not.

They would have preferred a marker that said "'Ahhhhhhhhhhhhwahhhhhhh[nt to live!]'"

To be perfectly consistent, he should've included the date Teri was conceived, not just the day she drew first breath. ;)

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