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June 06, 2005

Was Lincoln a Christian?

Everything you ever wanted to know about Abraham Lincoln's complicated metaphysical/spiritual orientation.


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He didn't exactly wear Jesus on his sleeve.

Glorious apostle of humanity! When shall we look upon his like again? so honest, so truthful, so just, so charitable, so loving, so merciful! Law was his God, justice his creed, and liberty his heaven. If he sinned, mercy prompted him. In the presence of such a man, and in the presence of such a religion, how contemptible your puny theologians and their narrow creeds appear! Born in the cabin of a Western wild, dying in a nation's capital, its honored chief, enshrined in the hearts of an admiring world, Abraham Lincoln stands to-day the gentlest, purest, noblest character in human history. Millenniums may pass away, unnumbered generations come and go, creeds rise and fall; but the divine faith of Freedom's martyr -- a faith based upon immutable law, eternal justice, universal liberty -- a faith formulated not in perishable words, but in immortal deeds, will live through all the years to come, a torch of hope to every son of toil., er, uh... wow!

Pity that so many confederate re-enactors (and others of a less savory nature) curse him. Luckily, I reenact a unionist, northern state.

If memory serves me correctly he was harrassed because he didn't belong to any of the big Washington congregational churches.

Whether he was and atheist or a Christian is of debate, but one thing is absolutely certain... he really had a problem with the organized churches of the day:

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