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July 11, 2005

Moodgrapher: The world according to LiveJournal

Loren just sent me one of the coolest web pages of all time:


A graphic representation of the moods reported by Livejournal users in their posts during the last days, updated every 10 minutes. We are working on an additional analysis of the mood of bloggers, based on the language they use; this will be put online in the next few days.


Apparently, blah is climbing steadily in early-week trading.


Awake, not so much.


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[Brief hiatus pause] I love how dramatically "worried" spiked with the London attacks - but I love more how quickly it went back down.

This is so awesome I'm beginning to wonder if bloggers should be required by law to use the happy faces. Of course, some of us are complex creatures. I don't think there's a smiley face to express, for instance, "Slighty tipsy and listening to country music and giving into the urge to post maudlin stuff" or "Angry but amused all at once". And there should definitely be a smiley face for "schadenfreude", just so we could watch it spike everytime there's a Republican sex scandal.

Schadenfreude! LOL!

Anyway, it is a great tool for my trade. Though there is noise in the data due to all times being in GMT and not local times, the prevalence of LJs in EST zone makes it good enough. Also, as the guy who made the site reminded me, most LJ-ers are teenagers, with phase-delayed circadian rhythms in comparison to the rest of the population. He's been running the site only since June, but I will love to see the data once there is a whole year of it.

I saw this a week ago. Then you should have examined "drunk" over the 4th of July weekend. It was a steadily increasing trend for 3 days. WooHoo!

"Angry" spiked with the London bombings as well.

This link was featured in this week's diggnation podcast.

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