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July 26, 2005

Sherisse Rogers at the Jazz Gallery


Exciting news from a hot new jazz talent:

The time has finally come for me to come out of my bat cave and show off this wonderful group of musicians. We recorded CD in November that I am very proud of and I’d like to share my music with you all. It’s out debut gig! We are going to be at the Jazz Gallery THIS SATURDAY July 30th. 2 sets 9pm and 10 30pm. Cover is $15. I love forward to seeing you all there.

ADMISSION $12/$15 PER SET (non-members)
$10 per set(members)


TEL. 212-242-1063

290 Hudson Street (between Spring and Dominick Streets), NYC

Closest trains: C/E to Spring Street; 1/9 to Houston Street

Saturday, July 30th: 9 & 10:30 p.m. ($15)

Sherisse Rogers Big Band featuring Erica Von Kleist/Peter Van Huffel/Brian Murray/Michael Webster/Kurt Bacher - saxophones, Nathan Warner/Adam Czerpinski/Nadje Noordhuis/ James De La Garza - trumpets, “Kaji” Kajiwara /Paul Olenick/Ben Griffin/Max Siegel - trombones, Jesse Stacken - piano, Michael Day - guitar, Fraser Hollins – bass, Jeremy Noeller-Drums


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