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July 13, 2005

Spanish firefighters rescue greyhounds from well



Click thumbnails to view full size image. More pictures here.

The backstory also happens to be a petition protesting rampant greyhound (galgo) abuse in Spain:

Dear xxxx

I write to draw your attention to the case of 5 galgos rescued by Protectora de Animales Scooby (Registered No. 93458) in collaboration with the municipal fire brigade from a well 30 metres deep in the village of Alaejos (Castilla y Léon) on 6 January 2005.

Late in the evening on 5 January, Scooby was informed of barking coming from a well (30 metres deep) along an isolated road in the village of Alaejos. [...]


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What an incredibly disgusting thing to do to an utterly guileless breed of dog.

It is a real shame. From what I hear, greyhounds are one of the few narrowly bred breeds that consistently make good pets, even when adopted fully grown. Even if this were widely known though, they would never find a home for all the "excess" dogs.

The dog racing business is just so gruesome. There is probably more cruelty to animals in it than there is in dogfighting, just due to volume.

As a friend of mine said, after rescuing a puppy from a trashcan in the park, "People are mean."

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