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August 01, 2005

Bring OH-2 home

The special election for Ohio's 2nd Congressional district is tomorrow. Paul Hackett is in a dead heat with Jean Schmidt.

Bob Brigham is on the ground in Ohio. He sends a last-minute appeal:

Here's the situation, the Paul Hackett decided to shoot the moon. Ohio's second congressional district favors Republicans by 30 pts. Running a safe campaign would result in failure.

Paul Hackett is a Fighting Democrat and he's gambling, pushing, pull out all of the stops and running like his life depends upon it (if he loses, he'll probably be sent back in Iraq).

To Get Out the Vote, we need to raise $30,000 today. Here's why.

Last week, the netroots stepped up and delivered around $40K a day. The campaign gambled and put all of that on TV (the ads are great and a Democrat is leading the Republicans in gross points in every market in every medium!!!).It worked, and now Independents are breaking rapidly our way. And Democrats in the district are so fired up that the far more than expected are signing up for GOTV.

This has drastically increased the cost of the GOTV mobilization. The enthusiasm over the weekend was more than expected and more was spend during the huge door-to-door effort. Now the campaign needs money for tomorrow to finish the job.

The cost breaks down to around $50 a precinct with 600 precincts. The netroots best friend, Matt from ActBlue, is flying in right now to coordinate moving the money.

But we need enough to finish the job.

Your investments have made Hackett a contender. Please give one more time so we can win this in the field.

To donate, click here.


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Man, this would be hell of nice race to win.

Sorry. Am caveman. Have foresworn use of articles.

It's shameful that it took so long for the national leadership sectors of the dems took so long before calling in the calvery. That would never happen w/the gop and those are the kind of tactics we should emulate.

Too little too late. It's disgusting that the national leadership didn't get behind him earlier. This can in no way be construed as a "win" because it was so close. Do you think Karl Rove or any repub would look at it like that? No fucking way. A loss is a loss is a loss.

This can in no way be construed as a "win" because it was so close.

Are you kidding me? It's astounding it was even this close, and a tremendously encouraging sign.

As Steve Gilliard pointed out, it's as if the GOP ran a paleocon against Barbara Lee in Berkeley and came within four points. You don't think Karl Rove would celebrate that?

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