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August 30, 2005

"Dried Squid Shred"

Squid spam, who knew?

Subject: Dried Squid Shred
Date: August 30, 2005 10:04:59 PM EDT
To: [Majikthise]

Dear Sirs,
We know your esteemed company from the web side. We would like to introduce us as one of the major exporters of seafood and Dried Fruits in China.and we have been in this business for over 8 years. We are very glad to take this opportunity to establish business with you. At present,we can supply you:
1>Dried Squid Shred,Yellow Stripe Trevally,Dried Anchovy,Dried Squid Ring, Horse Mackerel, Dried Octopus Piece

2>Dried Pear Halves;Apple Rings Dried red Small Chillis

We shall be very glad to give you our lowest quotations upon receipt of your detailed requirements.


[Redacted] General International trading Co.,LTD Tel:86 372 59XXXXX Fax:86 372 59XXXXX


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would you care to elaborate?
i, for one, would try squid spam!

Sorry, Bob, I accidentally cut off the best part of the email. But I've now updated the original post. Thanks.

See also:>Pretty squid from the California Seafood Council. Recipes on sidebar.

Horse Mackerel Whisperer

Hell, I might even respond to quality squid spam.

That's the worst thing about spam --99.9999999% is trying to sell you things that you wouldn't even consider purchasing.

But, quality squid... mmm....squid....

I think PZ Myers put you on their list. He's a known squid-lover.

mmmm... squid shred... just like cthulu used to make!

mojo sends

Dried shredded squid is a fantastic snack food. You need good teeth, though, it's like jerky. The stuff I used to get in Taiwan had slightly-sweet, slightly-hot flavor.

Dried squid shred is a popular bar snack in Korea; nothing like a tall cool OB Beer and a bowl a dried squid.

What is it with spam lately? It seems like every blog has been hit in the past few weeks.


I see someone's already made a P.Z. Myers joke. Ah well . . . .

I, for one, welcome out spamming shredded squid overlords.

As said above, dried shredded squid is a great snack in all the East Asian countries like China, Korea and Japan. I used to buy it at the grocery store in Japan along with my milk, eggs, and sushi. They serve it in 'snack bars' along with the drinks. Chewy and scrumptious. But I don't think Majikthise wants to buy it in wholesale quantities.

I actually like that stuff. Have been having problems finding a reliable source down here because they don't seem to believe that there are any Asians on my hilltop.

If you go into business, I'll be glad to buy from you.

When you can't fight Cthulhu, eat him while he's sleeping.

Squid shred is tasty. And cats go nuts over it.

Dear friends,
i am from China. please visit our website and you will see many differents and interesting seafood snacks. please have a try.
thank you
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We would like to seize this chance to introduce that we are ourselves one of many big potential dried seafoods exporters in Southern provinces. We are processing and manufactoring many kinds of dried fished to world-wide markets, specializing in Yellow Stripe Trevally (Selaroides Leptolepis). We mainly provide high quality seafoods and contribute best service of combined full-container-load with punctual shipment at competitive price to our valued customers worldwide.

Should you have any interest in our products, please feel free to contact us to get more information.
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