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August 10, 2005

Jelly Belly Wine Bar


This just in from Suzib:

The Jelly Belly Wine Bar is meant to be a fun, educational "exercise" for all ages. Whether it's an informal wine tasting with friends, a formal, educational tasting for serious aficionados, or just a family gathering with a box of Chablis, the Jelly Belly Wine Bar delivers true flavors associated with specific varietals/styles.

The idea is to taste the individual Jelly Belly beans first, to understand the different flavors associated with certain wine varietals. Then you put all of the flavors in your mouth at the same time, chew them together, and voila... you experience the wine varietal itself.

Jelly Belly Wine Shooters:

Shooters are individual packets containing the beans that make up one varietal (i.e. Chardonnay). The idea is to shoot the packet like a shot of alcohol to experience the varietal flavor. Beans in the packets are the fruit flavors only (un-oaked"), no "oak" flavors added. Each packet comes with instructions and "Varietal" label. The flavor "Dirt" can be purchased separately if desired. Please inquire when ordering.

Shown above is the optional "dirt" jelly bean for enhanced enjoyment of Malbec shooters


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Awesome link. Thanks. I work for a wine distributor and this will make the email rounds at my office.

Is that real?

This is something that, unless I was told otherwise, I would assume was done only in Japan.

This is awesome. I like combining flavors, but I've never had a recipe before. I'm not sure I want to taste "dirt" flavored jellybeans, though.

If you eat a potato chip and a carrot stick at the same time, they taste like roasted peanuts.

Peanut butter and green grapes at the same time tastes like cotton candy.

You have talked so much about wine. I hope it sounds as good as you are picturing it.

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