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August 10, 2005

Mayoral Debate on Poverty

Some food for thought as primary day approaches in New York City:
On July 28, 2005, five candidates for mayor debated issues of poverty, gentrification, education, and the proposed basketball arena in Brooklyn at a forum at Medgar Evers College. The debate was sponsored by the Community Service Society, which dubbed the event "The People's Debate," hoping that the candidates would address concerns related to the two million New Yorkers who live below the federal poverty level. Mayor Michael Bloomberg was invited, but did not attend. U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner was in Washington and did not attend. Reporters from NY1, Amsterdam News, El Diario, and NY1 Noticias asked the candidates questions. The following is an edited transcript of the debate.


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As a life long Republican supporter and science enthusiast, I can easily state my position on dealing with poverty. I only maintain a belief in entities that I can personally detect and observe. Therefore, I don't beleive in poverty.

What the crap is Weiner doing? If he knew he'd only really be able to campign full-time when the House was in recess (August) and knew he'd half-ass his way from March to July, he had to have known he'd never be able to catch up to anybody else. So what's the point?!

I hate primaries. Circular firing squads work too well.

And C. Virginia Fields should fall on her sword now to help the party. I think her GOTV might stink enough to do the trick.

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