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August 04, 2005

On needing glasses

Matt Yglesias asks whether Sephardic Jews are as likely to be nearsighted as Ashkenazim.

Answer: Yes. [(N=1)=me]

It's all starting to make sense:

Banning Israeli web surfers - A number of internet storage sites have begun banning Israeli surfers from accessing their services, saying that "unsuitable" behavior has forced them to block IP addresses from Israel.

The websites say Israeli surfers have used the site to upload and share pornographic material in large numbers, "forcing" them to place a blanket ban on Israeli web users. [YnetNews]

It's not surprising that this new product features easy-to-read numerals.


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Careful, amigos, I have heard that such behaviorrr can cause joo to grow fur on jour palms.


Up your N to 4. My sister, father and I are all nearsighted.

(I could probably add most of my dad's extended family too, but I don't feel like counting them.)

Re the Jewish Watch- aren't Jerusalem & Tel Aviv in the same time zone? ^..^

I've never found Yglesias to be the clearest of thinkers. If he's interested in finding out whether Jews tend to have weak eyesight, why doesn't he look for some statistics?

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