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August 19, 2005

Schlepping zombie coffins, soon, guns

My mom, Suzi, just started a new job as a set dresser. Here's the latest dispatch from Zombie Central:

Dear Lindsay,
I am about to start day 3.  So far it has been mostly hard work.  Carrying zombie coffins, and furniture & props or setting things up or unloading trucks...  I spent one 1/2 day on the truck picking up orders at the various dealers.  That was great.  Now I know where they are located and what kinds of stuff they rent to the industry.

I have to take fire arms safety on the weekend in Deep Cove.  I feel like a zombie from my movie but if I can keep this pace up, I will never need exercise in my leisure time...  I will check in on the weekend.




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So what zombie movie is it? When can we see yr Mom's handiwork?

Interesting. Zombies movies are good stuff. That sounds like a fun job. Why the firearms safety?

Canadian Content?

Correction: Set Dresser not Designer. I am a low-woman on the totem pole.
I worked on an episode of Masters of Horror. This series is a cluster of one hour, stand-alone episodes that will show this Fall. Thursday's shots required lots of coffins draped with American Flags and a giant flag mounted on the wall of the hanger. Unfortunately, I missed the zombie transition and the explosives. (The dead American soldiers become Zombies).

The firearms course is required for the props department. They make or purchase the items handled by the actors. Therefore, they handle the arms. It is very Canadian because most people don't own handguns here. The rules are much more strict.

Dead American soldiers becoming zombies, that's great! Do thay have any objective?(other than eating brains&flesh)
(EyE understand if you can't answer that;)

But I thought the whole premise of Bowling for Columbine what that you guys had the same rate of gun ownership as us, but a lower rate of gun violence.

Proper zombies, I am obliged to point out, not only don't eat screaming humans, they're supposed to be kept on a strictly vegetarian, salt-free diet.

Canadian Content?

It could have something to do with the mention of Deep Cove. Is this the Deep Cove in North Vancouver?

Rob: I think the difference is in who is owning the guns in Canada and what kinds of guns they are.

Totally cool Suzi! I wondered what you've been up to, and I missed you by two minutes at the store the other day, more's the pity.

Zombies, guns and moviemaking--could it get any better?

Rob: I think the difference is in who is owning the guns in Canada and what kinds of guns they are.

Also regulated: where you are allowed to keep your gun (absolutely no concealed-carry permits), and what kind of ammunition you are allowed to use (no armor-piercing ammo). There is also a national gun registry of all legal gun owners, and a requirement that you pass a firearms safety test before you get a gun license, two commonsense measures the NRA lobby would never allow.

More here. I'm sad the Democratic party has basically abandoned sensible firearms regulation in the US, but I understand that's pretty much how it's got to be. So long as cities are still free to enforce their own firearms regulations, I'd much rather compromise on that issue nationally than, say, choice, gay rights, the separation of church and state...

I own a great big pile of guns in Canada, and I like our gun laws--I feel safe on my streets.

I went into a bar in Oregon, and they had a gun check, and the people I was with had to leave seven concealed weapons. That pretty much spoiled hanging out in rural Oregon for me.


Municipal gun regulation is pretty much useless if the cities are sitting in regions with loose gun laws. Washington DC has some of the strictest gun laws in the country, but it does no good because anyone can cross the river to Virginia and, like, buy armor piercing rounds from a vending machine or something.

Really gun laws are like air polution laws. The nastiness blows around, so you can't keep one place clean without the cooperation of your neighbors. Rural communities are like people who live upwind of the factory. They don't catch the shit, so they don't see what is wrong with it.

Update: I passed my gun safety courses! I didn't need to know how to shoot a gun– just make sure I could load, unload or safely transport according to regulations.

zombies..mmm..its good :)
The second grade yet defect:)

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