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August 08, 2005

Why teaching evolution matters

Another excellent post by Mike the Mad Biologist: "Is Our Children Learning: Why Yglesias Is Wrong About Evolution."

Mike has one of the sharpest science/policy blogs out there.


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Poor Matt. Remember, he's just a kid.

[Post deleted at user's request.]

I would only add to Mike's comments that there is an even more important political fight being played out here.

A small subset of pseudo-Christian players inside the beltway sometimes referred to as "dominonists" are using the whole evolution vs. ID theory (and I use the word "theory" loosely).

This is an overtly political battle for this group. From what I have read, especially from Kathrine Yurica at the YuricaReport, is that the dominionist push for legislation like the "Constitution Restoration Act of 2005" which is HR1070 in the House and on the Senate side S.520, encompass an entire theorcratic horrorshow, of which ID is only the tip of the spear.

This law would absolutely prohibit any court from ruling against any Christian religion's intrusion into the public sphere.

I think there are two things going on here, relative to the ID debate. One, a chance to show their followers that they have real legislative clout, and therefore Ma and Pa Redstate should just sign over their Social Security checks, and 2. more importantly, if they can establish a precendent for creating bible-based education content approved by the federal governement for inclusion in NCLB standards with ID, then they are of the opinion that they can run the table...

mojo sends

...knowing he Google's himself more than Amanda Marcotte masturbates...

Am I missing something, or is this a wildly inappriopriate comment?

It was wildly inappropriate. A million pardons to all. The bourbon and the anonymity of these internets made me lose my head. My apologies to Lindsay who generously lets me post here, and especially to Amanda. Please, please delete the post Lindsay.

I am not funny
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quisp -

Get off the floor.

There are those among us who understand the yen to post a hilarious scourge even though it's totally uncalled-for and mean, mean, mean. It was a palpable hit. Two.

On point:

Mad Mike did a good job of providing something for everybody, if you can see beyond his affinity for evolutionary biology per se. Amanda snapped on point #6. For me, it was point #4:

"If you can cause enough doubt on evolution, liberalism will die."

I don't think that 2% of the ID pushers give a hoot about science class. Evolutionary Biology is just an unfortunate lever in their push for power.

Oh, "they" again, eh?

Well, how about the high-volume religion factories? If you can get your brand introduced to the next generation as a superior product to science in the schools, well, imagine the donations in five years.

How about the predatory vote-traders? What could be a better subject to teach our youth than the mysterious rightness and ineffability of a Higher Power? And that liberals, intellectuals, and their own senses are laughably myopic?


epistemology, I mean.

Sorry, quisp.

If ID should be taught along with "standard" neo-darwinism in biology classes, I think it only fair that along with "standard" economics, we teach about giving all your money to the poor. (If the Bushies are sincere "christians," they should quickly get on board with this suggestion, and should enthusiastically grasp the opportunity to teach by example. Not likely....)

I suggest a group called something like "Pagan Americans Science Schooling" (or PASS) be set up to push ID in schools, with emphasis on the need for a creator for the creator in ID Theory for it to work.

Their slogan could be: "I dare you to disprove chronos mofos"

Left this over at the Bioglogist's blog and thnk it bears repeating here: Matt Yglesias regularly says nothing much matters except some core liberal ideas. Previously he has discounted defending the Establishment Clause of First Amendment and separation of church and state as a "side issue." You have to wonder what really does matter with such people. Oy.

After you boil off all these "side" issues, one wonders what is left for us to defend?

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