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September 19, 2005

Camp Greyhound

For some arcane reason, New Orleans' makeshift prison has been dubbed "Camp Greyhound", and the bus company isn't happy about it.

Having seen the real Greyhound bus stations in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, the whole thing makes me laugh.


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Like they should complain! Greyhound shut down on the Saturday well before Katrina made landfall. No one appears to have volunteered to take evacuees out of the city.

Greyhound should capitalize on it, kick in funding for a Greyhoundville as their project. Make scads of good press, help the needy, even score points with people who'll be needing transportation on the long road back from Katrina.

Don't you think, maybe people with good jobs like bus drivers, who own cars, were busy evacuating their own families?

The decision to close down the Greyhound Terminal Saturday wasn't made by the bus drivers. It was made by the company they work for.

This is no different than an airline quickly painting over their insignia when a plane crashes. No company invites negative associations. Greyhound may have it's problems but it's not funny to equate bus travel with prison.

I highly recommend bus travel for seeing the America. You can reach all kinds of places for weekend travel out of NYC like Providence, Boston, Philly, Buffalo, Hartford and DC. If you have the time to take longer trips you can see many places and people that are passed by and passed over on interstates and by air travel.

To anyone who wants to travel and see the country as it is and not as a tourist I recommend bus travel. Do it while you can - Greyhound is closing more than 700 rural stops this year alone, making transportation still more difficult for people in places like rural Louisiana.

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