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September 29, 2005

Citizen journalist meets police officer

Mk-Ultra describes a mutually enlightening encounter with a veteran cop in Houston.


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I found that he droned on a bit in his commentary - but the rough transcript of the conversation was fascinating.

I realize that this is a small issue but it is one that I find common in blogging- he needs to spell check. Once he had identified himself as a writer then I started to resent the editing that I needed to do to follow the track of his story. It was a compelling tale and needs to be told but, like the wrong uniform on an officer, the wrong spelling can create a bad impression and make it more work to read than I am ready to do. I am ready to make the leap for someone who doesn't write professionally but if someone identifies themself as a writer then they should act like one and edit before sending. That being said, our local police went back to community policing and it has made a big difference in local attitudes. A police officer in shorts and on a bike is a lot less intimidating than a SWAT officer in full gear.

sorry for the misplaced trackback. :-(

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