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September 26, 2005

GI snapshot swapping scandal: Gore for porn

On AMERICAblog JoeinDC reports that some US soldiers are allegedly swapping pics dead Iraqis and Afghanis for porn through a Dutch website called

[Caution, images on AMERICAblog are very disturbing, even with all the actual gore concealed by the editors.]

Terrance Heath of the Republic of T also posted about the snapshot swapping scandal back in August.


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And I did, last night...

The first post I saw on the topic was at Generik's.

They are trading Al Gore for porn? Weird....

O, come on people, these guys are saints. Practically hippies! They're just updating "make love, not war" for the post-substantial age. Remember, respresentation is the new reality! By exchanging images of violence for images of sex, these fellows are contributing to a better tomorrow.

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