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September 26, 2005

Houston evac post mortems

Highlights from today's hurricane coverage:

Dan Feldstein and Matt Stiles have a good analysis of the Houston evacuation "plan" in today's Houston Chronicle.

Michael Hussey explains what it's like to be homeless during a hurricane and describes how local politics are undermining emergency preparedness in Tampa:

I have been reading news articles about local hurricane preparations since Katrina. There has been mostly turf battles between with members of the Hillsborough County Commission against Mayor Pam Iorio. There has been little useful information for what the public should do in the event of a category 5 hurricane. Tampa could be underwater as easily as New Orleans. The sad truth is I would be better off people with homes. At least my tent won't be underwater like many people's homes will be because of the terrible drainage system.

Eric Berger, the Houston Chronicle science writer and blogger, assembles a comprehensive Rita Roundup at SciGuy.


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