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September 29, 2005

New Orleans euthanasia allegations probed

The Times Picayune reports that the Louisiana Attourney General and a senior medical examiner are investigating allegations of euthanasia after Hurricane Katrina.

[A spokeswoman for the Attourney General] Kris Wartelle said the office is looking into a wide range of activities, including possible questionable deaths in hospitals and nursing homes.

“It (allegations of euthanasia) is something we have heard’’ but cannot confirm, Wartell said. “We are not saying it did happen; we are not saying it didn’t happen. . . .We are looking into it.’’

Earlier this month, Orac poked some holes in one widely-circulated media report of post-Katrina euthanasia.

It will be interesting to see if an official investigation uncovers any more substantial evidence of active euthanasia.


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