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September 08, 2005

NOLA update: The Convention Center

I'm on I-10 riding back to Baton Rouge from New Orleans. I'm stunned by the devastation. At the moment, feeling "burnt out" is not a dead metaphor. It feels like the adrenalin seared the lining of my blood vessels.

After spending the night in the Ford Excursion, we cleared the military checkpoint without incident. We found the city deserted except for military, police, and EMS. Emergency vehicles sped past with their with their lights flashing and their sirens off. The battleship Iwo Jima sat at anchor.

The Convention Center was horrifying: A sea of filthy orange-upolstered institutional chairs fermenting in the sun. Blocks and blocks of of them on the sidewalk. Mountains of trash. Abandoned supplies everywhere -- cases of muffins, an entire crate of coffee creamers scattered and bursting in the heat, dirty needles, unopened bottles of sparkling cider that looked like champagne, rhinestone earings still in their packages, a tiny Spiderman flip-flop, water bottles full of urine, strollers, several barbeques... It was as if the scene was frozen in time. The debris evidently hadn't been touched since the evacuation two days earlier. The 82nd Airborne was on the scene in their red berets. I was nervous about leaving anything in the car. But there were ten Airborne guys in the parking lot alone. A few packs of smokes changed hands and I suddenly felt supremely comfortable leaving my gear in the rig. Black Hawk helicopters were taking off and landing across the next parking lot over. It's really something to see a Black Hawk skimming the horizon of a devastated American city.

I'll post pictures as soon as I upload them. Stay tuned for updates.


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Just don't take any pictures of dead bodies.

This post was what made me crack today. Tears in my eyes again! I can't, can't, can't believe it. Not New Orleans.... God, if they can let New Orleans sink underwater from neglect, what other great American cities?

Why couldn't it have been Dallas...just kidding...

My cousin Kristin is serving on the Iwo Jima right now.

You might reconsider taking pictures of dead bodies, they may be the only ones that the American public sees.

The Bushoviks have thrown a news blackout on showing dead bodies "out of respect for the dignity of the dead." In truth they are doing the sam thing they do with the soldiers killed in Iraq.

Horrible as they were, the pictures of the dead, dying, and wounded hastened the end of the Vietnam war. The Bush administration is afraid of inflaming the public over the results of the screw ups.

Personally, I think we owe it to the dead to find out how they died, why they died, and is anyone responsible.

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You know how Bush & Cronies have been harping on the idea that the private sector should be "involved" with the recovery? And how the private sector is better at handleing anything and everything (the bassic essense of their philosophy?) Well, where are the private sanitation companies now, and why aren't they cleaning up? Are they waiting for the "contracts" to "clean up" so to speak?

The Bush Family Dynasty has taken Mafia priciples of extortion, and have applied it to out government.

Sic w/apologies.

Great post. You make a blogger proud. BTW, the Iwo Jima is an Amphibious Assault Ship.

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