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September 13, 2005

NOW rally in NYC this Thursday

NowPosted by Thad

Save the Supreme Court - September 15th, Union Square, 5:30 PM.

"Next week, join us at Union Square for a Save The Court Rally. Take part in sending a loud and public message to our leaders that women are demanding that the Supreme Court maintain a moderate voice."

Organized by NOW-NYC.

Go to the national NOW webiste for information about a protest near you.

Dr. B and Sheelzebub have thoughts on Roberts - Day 1. Supreme Court Watch are liveblogging the hearings.

Speaking of Rachel Maddow, Paul Rieckhoff, and Anthony Lappé, Paul and Anthony just interviewed Rachel about the first day of hearings. If you missed it, you should be able to grab the podcast in a few hours.

Also, I honestly didn't think this was possible, but Jill has a collection of comments from a thread at Dawn Eden's blog that make the members of the Krazy Kressent Klub look sane by comparison.

- Thad


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