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September 12, 2005

Silber update

Posted by Thad

Arthur Silber, of the Voice of Reason, has appended an update to his Indefinite Leave post, thanking those readers who have made donations (enabling him to at least pay his electrical bill, just in time for the LA blackout), elaborating on his state of mind and his reasons for quitting blogging, and conveying this bit of welcome news:

I have reconsidered one aspect of my earlier decision: I’ve asked a friend to work with my host to save my writing here. Since I’m entirely ignorant of technical matters, it would do no good for me to have it in any case. But hopefully the essays will still be there, should I wish to use them in some manner in the future.

Greyhair of GreyBlog has some thoughts on the two posts on national greatness Arthur mentioned in his farewell post.

- Thad


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Mr. Silber has yet to reply to my e mail. At least not directly. But he's now clearly aware that he does have an audience, and that his work is valued. That and the donations seemed to have made him at least reconsider taking his archives off-line.

Well, here I am not quite two months after this was posted and feeling the need to leave a big thank you for exactly the info I was looking for.

Loved the Light of Reason (been following it since the nearly fatal year of '03), but seldom had time to read the deep posts and visited very rarely. Just clicked my bookmark and got a 404. Couldn't find any links to archives from the host site, so google brought me here.

If anyone happens to read this and knows if and where the accumulated goodness can be found, please do share!

I promise I googled "Arthur Silber" before posting my last comment, but now his new blog returns number one:
Looks like he's been at it for a bit over a month, time to catch up...

Yeah, I saw that linked via Atrios today. I had no idea he was back in action -- good news, indeed.

but now he says he's going to stop again.

and now for a completely gratuitous aside: i don't know him at all besides reading his posts occasionally and sending a couple of donations, but i wish someone who knows him would force him to go to an emergency room or clinic. if he's worried about not being able to obtain insurance (which sounds iffy anyway), hell simply don't mention whatever diagnosis on the application. if he needs medical care, he needs medical care. but i can't imagine continuing on and on with a debilitating condition without at least having some idea what it is. or maybe having some idea but possibly being mistaken, or perhaps having someting entirely treatable that would allow him to work outside his home.

i had randomly assumed before it was AIDS related, but, if not, wouldn't it be better to know? and if it is, wouldn't it better to be treated? obviously, this is fundamentally a personal decision and none of my business at all, and there is obviously the reluctance about government assistance that i don't share, but....

end of naive, gratuitous, unoriginal concern

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