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September 20, 2005

Simon Wiesenthal dies

"What connects two thousand years of genocide? Too much power in too few hands."--Simon Wiesenthal.

Holocaust Survivor Simon Wiesenthal Dies

September 20, 2005, 7:43 AM EDT
VIENNA, Austria -- Simon Wiesenthal, the Holocaust survivor who helped track down Nazi war criminals following World War II, then spent the later decades of his life fighting anti-Semitism and prejudice against all people, died Tuesday. He was 96.

Rational Reasons has a nice obituary for Wiesenthal.


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Wiesenthal was an extrodinary man by any measure. It was often forgotten that Hitler tried to eliminate two races with his "Final Solution". Jews were one, Gypsies another. Some Jewish organizations wanted the Gypsies to be forgotten. Wiesenthal would not allow it. He fought for years to have the Gypsie's right to compensation recognized. It did not make him friends.

War would end if the dead could return.
Stanley Baldwin

I pray as devoutley as I know how, that in his next life, Wiesenthal will have the time and peace, to become artist he was meant to be.

From my rotting body, flowers shall grow and I am in them and that is eternity.
Edvard Munch

The Guardian has a long obituary today.

You can be sure that we, Sinte and Roma (I am a French Sinti)-and all Gypsies- we know the great Simon Wiesenthal who always supported us.
With or without religion, we keep Simon Wiesenthal into our heart forever!

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