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September 13, 2005

Truth in Advertising

Posted by Thad

The Editors award the coveted Golden Winger Award a little early this week, but it's hard to argue with the choice.

Thankfully, readers who might stumble upon Bill Whittle's blog by accident are given fair warning of what to expect, right in the sidebar:

"If Steven Den Beste is Spock, then Bill is Captain Kirk."
— James Lileks

Now that's the kind of endorsement you can take right to the bank.

- Thad


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Wow, that was an amazing source of hot air... perhaps that dude can be harnessed for ecological purposes.

Dear God, imagine living next door to him.

Well, if Steven Den Beste really is Spock, then he's the smartest life form on the planet. And we're all doomed.

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