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September 24, 2005

Two new Gulf Coast blogs

Other bands of blogger activists are covering the news on the Gulf Coast and working to rebuild.

Yesterday night, I got this email from Tom:

I was checking out Katrina blogs and found your site. I was delighted to see more New Yorkers interested in our area. Right after the storm, two New Yorkers Joe Larocca (Penn Station) and his brother Jerry Larocca drove 1,600 miles to Gulfport, Mississippi. For more than a week they did incredibly helpful work, helping clean houses, comforting my neighbors, and lending a helping hand anywhere needed. I now refer to them as my cousins once removed--once removed by the Civil War.

If you are interested, we set up two blogs. We have had limited time to post because we were connected by a satellite dish and a generator. As of last night, we have power and cable and internet!

The first has connections to Methodist and Presbyterian sites, with photos taken of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The second is just starting but hopes to connect churches together in a non-denominational rebuilding effort.

Please thank the organizers for all of us.

Katrina Response


ChurchtoChurch (

Thanks to the organizers, and thanks to Tom and company.

Unless Rita disrupted her travel plans, our co-blogger Nancy Scola should be arriving in Baton Rouge today. I'll keep you updated.


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Your coverage has been invaluable. For what it's worth, it's sort of weird--still no rain in Austin.

I recently discovered these two blogs, one from NOLA, the oter from coastal Texas:

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