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October 18, 2005

DeLay perp walk update

AMERICAblog thinks Tom DeLay will face mugshots and fingerprinting at his arraignment on Friday.

Majikthise will be on hand to document the Blessed Event. I'm also getting tips from local Austinites suggesting alternate scenarios for DeLay's arraignment, scenarios in which he can avert the trauma of public booking. (Major hat tip to reader OT, personal correspondence.)

I'll post more on this story later on.

Also, I picked out the camera. My new baby is a Canon EOS 20D. I was considering a Canon Rebel because it has most of the features of the 20D at a lower cost. However, once I actually handled the 20D, I realized there was no comparison in terms of ease of use and ergonomics.

Thank you, Majikthise readers! The camera should be arriving today or tomorrow. I'll start posting pictures as soon as I can.


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congratulations and happy shooting. you couldn't have asked for a more auspicious start than this, let's hope that they make him do it in the regular place.

I want pics in cuffs, baby. Pics in cuffs.

{beavis voice}Give him the taser. THE TASER!{/beavis voice}

Just a few paragraphs from today's WP article (the AmericaBlog link was to an article from yesterday):

While DeLay's court appearance will be in Austin, he also has the option of turning himself in to authorities in Fort Bend County, his home county. A spokeswoman there said officials have received no word that he will do so.

Travis County allows some defendants to do a "walkthrough" booking process, in which the defendant is photographed and fingerprinted. But DeLay's bond amount would be preset so he could immediately pay it and avoid a stay in jail.

DeLay also could waive going before a magistrate to have his rights and charges read to him.

Well, you can always pick up some tacos while you're here if the full perp walk doesn't materialize.

You made the right choice on the camera--Canon is blowing Nikon away these days on the digital SLR front.

My only suggestion is that if you will be doing any significant amount of low-light photography (indoors, night, etc) then get a fast pro zoom lens (one that maintains a maximum aperture of f2.8 at all focal lengths) to avoid the 'flash snapshot' effect: underexposed background w/overexposed subject. They are expensive, but worth it.

Good luck.

The day Kenneth Lay was indicted, we opened some bubbly to celebrate. Perhaps that is why I am now salivating at the thought of DeLay's perp walk.


Now comes the endless agonizing over which lenses to buy..... I bought a Digital Rebel about a month ago, and have been hemming and hawing over which tele zoom to get. I finally split the difference with the 70-200 F4.0 L. (half the price of the F2.8) Heavy, but beautiful pix. Good luck.

If there's to be fingerprinting, wouldn't it be great to see if you could get a picture of an ink-stained DeLay finger? So many caption possibilities!

Probably too much to ask...his lawyer will probably bring along some wipees.

One thing - ALWAYS USE THE STRAP! I was sailing a long time ago with a Canon I had and ... well ...


Do NOT announce your plans online! That will allow DeLayCo to make changes at the last minute! Just take what you learned, come on down to TX and go with it. You can tell us all after the fact - trust me on this, I know of what I speak. We want to see the charm bracelets so don't give Tommy and friends the opportunity to deny you this moment. :)


Lindsay - may your composition be straight, and your focus true! Go git 'im!

Judging from the photos, DeLay's handlers clearly said to him, " Tom, whatever happens, just keep smiling". In my life I have never seen a more obviously shit-eating grin.

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