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October 21, 2005

DeLay's lawyer lies about MoveOn T-shirts

Contrary to Dick DeGuerin's assertions in court today, has never sold t-shirts with Tom DeLay's mugshot. [Think Progress]

Tom Mazzie responds to DeGuerin's lies in a press release: Political Action On False Statement by Tom DeLay's Defense Lawyer Dick DeGuerin

Statement by Tom Matzzie, Washington Director of Political Action

"Tom DeLay is a key part of the culture of corruption in Washington. We're not surprised that DeLay and his lawyer Dick DeGuerin are making things up. We're not selling t-shirts. DeGuerin has either bad information or lied in court. Americans are sick of the corruption in Congress and think it will be a better place without Tom DeLay."


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You know, used to be, if a lawyer told a lie in open court, the judge would hammer him/her on it -- say something to them in open court, sometimes even hold 'em in contempt.

Not so much, anymore.

Man, I miss the rule of law.

AAAA THE FAULTY PARALLELISM IT BURNS! (Sorry, I'm a little over-sensitive on the subject today.)

...good on them for getting the statement out so fast, though.

/Copy Editor Girl

OK let me see if I have this straight: Just because a Judge has a particular political view, or contributes to partisan political cause or org, is no reason, none whatsoever, to assume they'd be biased in interpreting Law. It would be completely inappropriate to even suggest that a judge would allow those personal views to affect their judicial findings. The fact that Harriet Miers contributed to a Right-to-Life org and the fact that she's adamantly anti-abortion, the fact that she's thrown in with folks who wish to enact a Constitutional Amendment banning abortion, is no reason to worry that it will affect her secular judgment in matters before the Court.

Tom DeLay is demanding a change of venue because the Judge in Austin is a democrat who gave a few shekels to, because obviously there's no way in hell he can possibly get a fair trial in that court before that partisan judge.

Have I got that right?

Well said.

I am surprised that DeGuerin would assert 'facts' that aren't true. Bear with me. He has a reputation as one of the top criminal defense lawyers in Texas and indeed in the country. At least in my experience, lawyers who practice criminal defense are favorite targets of disciplinary actions, and they know it. DeGuerin didn't get a reputation as one of the best by engaging in conduct that could get him disciplined. (One of the first rules of being a criminal defense lawyer is "if anyone goes to jail it should be the client and not the lawyer.") The demonstrably false statement about MoveOn seems more like the kind of thing to come out of a political spin machine than a prudent law office. DeGuerin's probably going to be back in front of that judge with other clients in the future and would really rather not be p!$$!ng him off like this right now. Ergo I conclude that DeGuerin is letting this particular high-profile and powerful client call too many of the shots and that his 'strategy' is driven too much by what the client wants. If he can't rein his client in, I would not be surprised if we see Delay with a new lawyer before long.

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