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October 16, 2005

Goodbye, Dr. Nick!

It's the end of an era--Jesse Taylor is leaving Pandagon:

Effective Monday, I'll be ending my time at Pandagon. Amanda now owns the site, the domain, the webhosting, the ads, and all other relevant facets of the site. The reason?

I will be accepting the position of Director of Online Communications with Ted Strickland's gubernatorial campaign. Why? The major reason is that I decided I wanted to stop opining and start doing. It's easy enough for me to write about the issues of the day and tell other people what they should be doing to win, it's another thing to help someone win. I'm tired of being angry - I want to start being productive.

This is a bittersweet moment. I'm happy that Jesse's embarking on a new and worthwhile project, but I'm really going to miss Jesse's signature amalgam of affability and fury.

He says wants to start being productive? We should all be so productive.

I know Jesse will be a powerful force for good wherever he goes.


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We should all be so productive.

You said it.


Argh! Double Argh!! The quotient of high class snark is about to lose a high class contributor.

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