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October 03, 2005

How we met

It's request week. Rob wants to know how Thad and I met. So, here goes...

Thad and I met on Salon's Table Talk, way back in 1999. I hasten to add that we didn't meet in a chatroom. TableTalk is based on threads. The original intent was for readers to start threads about Salon articles. In practice, anyone could start a thread on any topic. So, there were literally hundreds of threads evolving at any given time.

I'd seen Thad around, but I hadn't really interacted with him. I really liked his writing. His posts were always well-reasoned and extremely detailed. He usually wrote about music and movies. He mentioned that he was a jazz musician and that he lived in Montreal.

In the early morning hours of December 31, I was checking my TableTalk threads in Vancouver. I noticed a very recent post by Thad.

Thinking Thad was in Montreal, I posted something like "Wow, you're up really late." Thad explained that it wasn't that late where he was. He was in Vancouver visiting his parents.

I emailed him to ask whether he'd like to get together for lunch. He said he would, and he gave me his parents' phone number. He was going back to Montreal that afternoon and I was getting ready to go to Nanimo for New Year's Eve. It turned out he'd transposed the digits. So, I couldn't get ahold of him in time.

New Years in Nanimo turned out to be pretty intense and I didn't check my email again for a couple of days. Thad assumed I'd blown him off. I hadn't, although I was perplexed about why his phone number didn't work.

Anyway, we started corresponding. After about three months I decided to go out and visit Thad in Montreal. I planned to stay for five or six days, but I ended up staying for almost two weeks.

Then I came back to Vancouver and tried to explain why I was about to move across the country to be with this jazz musician I met on the internet.

The rest is history. We'll celebrate our 5th anniversary on New Year's Eve.


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Congratulations to you both. (I'm lucky to have tires last five years.)

Congratulations, y'all. That's wonderful :)

Aw, how sweet. And Vancouver and Montreal are two of my favorite cities. A blow for Canadian unity.

It takes courage to out yourself as an internet-significant-other-meeter. Congratulations.

Thanks Lindsay!

Thad and I met on Salon's Table Talk, way back in 1999

It's so appropriate that you met on another high-end internet site.

I was perplexed about why his phone number didn't work

Hey, I did send you a corrective email as soon as I realized my mistake…

Now my heart is broken.

Seriously though, congratulations!

Congratulations to both of you. Are you still living in Montreal?

That's a fantastic story. A charming intermingling of the classic and the postmodern. Congratulations.

Great story.

Reminds me of how Maia and I got together, though with less time, and less drama.

Then again, when we met, both of us were seeing, happily; at the time, other people, so things weren't quite so simple.

Congratulations. Keep up the good work.


How many successful relationships have come out of TT?

soosh & shade
Lindsay & thad
Marya and um...I forget his name...

That's so sweet. Geek love is strong love.

Careful, Lindsay -- my man and I celebrated the fifth anniversary of our first date in July, and we ended up engaged six weeks later. ;-)

31 first dec, checking forum?

You two geeks has no life. :P *run and duck for cover*

That's sweet. Congratulations!

My husband and I met on a Usenet discussion group in the summer of 1990. We got to be friends and exchanged some email, so we knew we both lived in the Bay Area. Sometime that fall I was in a science fiction bookstore in Berkeley, telling a friend about a conversation I'd had online. A strange man turned to me and said, "oh, so you're Janet Lafler."

What can I say? We met cute.

Nothing romantic happened for a long time, though. (We were both involved with other people when we met.) Over the years we got to be better and better friends. Our 10th anniversary as a couple will be in January.

Thanks for sharing! Such sweet stories are nice to hear; knowing that mix-ups can be overcome keeps this romantic a few heartbeats away from the threshold of cynicism.

Had an exquisitely fabulous date exactly one year ago tonight with a wonderful, intelligent man who totally wowed me, but love was thwarted. Some weird stuff happened in my family just then, and I wasn’t being myself. Guess he misunderstood my reticence, I don’t really know. I will forever regret that I couldn’t explain it all to him.

Shows you what a one night stand can lead to.

PS - my husband and I also had a near mix-up that nearly kept us apart, but fate intervened (and I don't even believe in fate.)

Actually, my husband was persistant and wouldn't give up. He "broke his rule" and called me for the 3rd time...I figured if he called 3 times he must either be serious, or stalker crazy...turns out he was serious. At any rate, I called him back, and it'll be 9 years in December.

I wonder how many current bloggers spent time at Table Talk back in the day...thekeez

"Then I came back to Vancouver and tried to explain why I was about to move across the country to be with this jazz musician I met on the internet. "

Sounds nuts to me. I advise against it. Yes, it's years too late and I've already been proven wrong empirically, but in theory, I maintain that I am right.

Do you want to be right, or do you want to be loved?

Way cool! Robin and I met via the internet as well.

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