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October 16, 2005

Katrina death toll

Robert Lindsay keeps up the lonely accounting work, reporting that the unofficial death toll from Hurricane Katrina now stands at 1337.


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Proving, once and for all, that Katrina pwns j00.

Once again the Bushies play the expectations game and win!

There has been at least one mainstream report on this. I think it will not be quite so easy to disappear this toll because local media has direct access to the information and the people directly involved in the recovery and identification of the dead.

I think if Ted Koppel wants to inject new relevance, he should say two numbers at the end of each broadcast. The two death counts by which this administration will be remembered - and unlike the numbers with which Koppel helped bury Jimmy Carter, those counts are only going up.

It is seriously shocking to me how quickly Hurricane Katrina and it's consequences, has been dropped from so much media coverage. At one point it was the only story that mattered. Now it's just one more story. If that.

Hi, death toll just went up by 22 more to 1,359.

And the bodies obtained
And the bodies obtained
Where will it end?
Where will it end?
Where will it end?
Where will it end?

Joy Division, "Day of the Lords" from Unknown Pleasures (1979)

Anyone have any idea on Katrina death toll due to law enforcement. I got an email that at times 15 to 20 looters were being killed by military snipers in the New Orleans area every night. Was that bogus or real? If so it would be interesting to know how many people were killed to protect other people's 'stuff'.

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