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October 04, 2005

Majikthise Fundraiser Day 2

The first day of the Perp Walk fundraiser was a big success. I'm absolutely floored by the generosity of readers and fellow bloggers.

For those of you just tuning in, I'm running a fundraiser this week. The goal is to raise enough money to cover Tom DeLay's perp walk in Austin with upgraded photo equipment.

The gimmick is request blogging: Every day this week, I'm blogging by request. Leave a comment in a fundraiser thread, or send me an email.

Keep those requests coming! I've managed to fill several already: Stan Rogers, How I Met Thad, Bird Flu, Intelligent Design. Don't worry, heavy-duty analytic philosophy fans, I haven't forgotten about you.

Again, thank you!


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Hmm. I should donate and ask you to post on continental phil. :)

The analytic contintental split itself is an endlessly interesting topic. If I could get a second request, I would ask for it.

Here are some of the questions I have about the split.

1. Is Kant our last common ancestor?
2. Why does it take continental philosophers so long to get to the point?
3. Why do analytic philosophers act like we have a quasi-scientific method, when logical positivism exploded decades ago?
4. Why are contentital philosophers, on average, better dressed than analytic philosophers?
5. Do we actually reach the same conclusions, despite very different languages and methodologies?

There are also interesting things to be said about the relationships between important figures accross the divide, like Frege and Husserl, or Wittgenstein and Heidegger.

Would you consider lending support to a little project about a certain insensitive jerk?

Tom Delay....Perp Walk....I just love the *sound* of that....

Continental philosophers are better dressed, because they are, well, continental. One year at school we had several members of the College de France and the Academie swanning about, each more elegant than the last. Style . . . c'est l'homme meme.
Oh! And I think they get the point just fine -- it's just that that is the least interesting bit of the equation for them. : )

Whoops. You said, "get to the point" not "get the point" -- although I think the answer still pertains.


The funny thing is that even American and British philosophers working in the continental tradition are better dressed than their analytic counterparts.

As for getting to the point, you are probably right as well. When I was at Northwestern, I tried to sit in on a couple courses taught by Habermas. (I couldn't stay with the course because my dissertation beckoned.) He began both courses by giving sweeping overviews of the history of western ideas, and was determined not to talk about the content of the course before we had gone through the whole ritual leading up to it.

I don't know why we analytic phils are so results oriented. Any time a philosophical question becomes answerable it gets spun off into its own science anyway.

Rob: Yes, yes. Even when they haven't actually grown up in Paris or Berlin, they want to be mistaken for someone who did. There is always a silk scarf here, a rakishly skewed hat there. (The folks who actually did grow up in Europe tend to go further than their American confreres. Chest hair tends to be involved.) But to be fair to you analytic folk, hardly anyone at the APA dresses well. It looks like most guys busted out the suit they wore to their Bar Mitzvah.
On Habermas -- heck! He barely counts as continental at all! He's downright *practical* -- what with wonky policy geeks reading his books and trying to, you know, *do things* based on them. (I kid . . . I kid . . . )

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